THE Discovery engine for your eCommerce

Get quickly and easily increase conversion and sales in your eCommerce.

What is Visual Finder?

Visual Finder is the perfect search engine for your eCommerce: a patented discovery engine that helps your users discover and find in the catalog, increasing conversion and sales.


Visual Finder works as a showcase for your eCommerce, showing more than 300 products without making a single click (20,000 in 1 click), making access to the product 3 times faster with 80% less effort.


Visual Finder is the ideal complement to your search engine, a SaaS solution, with an easy plug & play and customizable integration, that encourages impulse buying, comparison and inspiration from your users.

Discover the benefits that Visual Finder brings to your eCommerce

Increase your conversion, increase your sales

Users access more products with each visit, increasing the flow of traffic through the sales funnel, promoting impulse purchases and more products added to the shopping cart.

Easy installation

Integrable with any eCommerce platform, just integrate a banner or button on your site and we do the rest.

Faster, less effort

The user accesses your products 3 times faster than a standard search engine. With a more fluid experience, with 300 products without making a single click, with 80% less effort in scrolls, clicks and page loads.

Increase your average ticket

Visual Finder encourages discovery, comparison, and brings inspiration and ideas to potential customers. This translates into more cross-selling and up-selling.

Monetize the hidden catalog

Visual Finder allows you to monetize your hidden or long-tail catalog, encouraging additional sales and increasing your profits.

1 month free trial

Try Visual Finder for free and discover its benefits. Let your customers enjoy this new experience.

Why Visual Finder

Visual Finder will make your eCommerce users enjoy a much faster and smoother experience, discovering and finding products effortlessly.


Much more than a search engine, discover it

SEO as service

Instant SEO, flexible

Visual Finder is the perfect SEO engine – it increases the SEO of your entire offering, instantly. Generate long-tail keyword SEO that draws qualified, high-converting traffic deep into the catalog.

Catalog improvement

We enrich your offer

We provide information and knowledge to your offer, enriching the catalog with data, metadata and structure, making it more relevant to users and search engines and improving SEO.

Smart text query

A search engine not to get lost

SMART TEXT QUERY offers autocomplete with synonyms, integrated breadcrumbs, flexible trigger and multidimensional search for maximum search efficiency.


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